The Healing Process of Grief – 20 months ago

20 months ago I lost my eldest son.  Wow!  An extraordinary healing process called ‘Grief’.  It’s not about moving on, it’s about living without him.  An intense experience that cannot be pacified by all the compassion and counsel in the world.  (Although I don’t know where or what would have become of me had it not been for a handful of amazing friends, my younger son, a very special Hospice counselor, loving Hospice group, the Guides, self compassion, self care, ongoing patience)

It’s not about getting over, through, or giving up feeling sad; it begins with shock, trauma, loss and profound sadness.  20 months ago I lost my eldest son 21 years of age.  It’s my opinion that people who loose a child (unlike loosing a parent or sibling) do not get ‘back to normal’.  It is a peak experience in life, a child dies… there is no getting over what is now broken, gone.  Grief sinks in, the reality of death is ever present and there is no closure.

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