About Diane Feingold

Diane Feingold is an experienced Watsu®, WaterDance, and WRT Water Release Therapist® and Instructor in Santa Barbara, California and Worldwide. She learned Watsu® from the founder and brilliant creator, Harold Dull, and a host of gifted creators of the Water~Arts at Harbin Hot Springs where Watsu® was born.


Diane is a powerful healer and Life Coach who has further developed her gifts as a Dreaming Healing Touch and Heart of Stillness through the sacred Native American Indian Guides.

Whether on land or water, Diane’s work is about the profound potential for healing through releasing our present issues, conditioning, and traumas. It is truly about shattering our fear based limitations and accessing the potential of living the life of our dreams.

In addition to offering private WRT Water Release Therapy® Sessions, Watsu® and WaterDance, Diane has created the ‘WRT® Intensive’ which consists of 2 to 3 consecutive days from 6 to 12 hours Private Water work. The experience often results in lasting, deep healing and transformation. As a gifted healer, Diane’s focus is about serving humanity; holding a huge loving space for the client/receiver to unfold into their own healing and true nature of radiant health and well-being.

Typical Sessions are held at ‘Healing Waters’; an in-ground, chemical free, salt and mineral purification pool.  The warm body temperature, 97 degrees, set in a beautiful, private aromatherapy garden well suited for simplicity and ease.  The outdoor setting enjoys all the gifts of nature; birds, flowers, trees, gentle breezes, light rains, sunshine and shade.  Full bathroom facilities a few steps from the pool.

‘Healing Waters’ is located in Santa Barbara, CA  USA

‘The Cottage Care Health Systems Rehabilitation Pool’ is located in Santa Barbara, CA (for those with special needs).

Diane is available for Private Sessions on land; client/receivers enjoy bringing the fluid nature of the body onto land through Yoga and Tantsu-Yoga and Breath work.

There are other types of Collaborative Sessions such as:

  • Water & Sound through the ‘Transition Experience’; Sound Healing combined with WRT Water Release Therapy®.  This may be accompanied by Jakub Omsky, who tunes the cello to the ‘Receivers’ inner sound and illuminates the voice within …awakening the clients’ energetics.  Held in this resonance the ‘Receiver’ enters the warm waters with Diane.
  • Water & Sound through ‘Living Music’; Sound Healing combined with WRT Water Release Therapy®.  This may be accompanied by the sacred drums, crystal bowls, voice, toning or didgeridoo of Shaun and Kris Oster and others while in the warm water with Diane.
  • Water / Augmented by Land tools through HED Human Energy Design Readings.

Diane offers Private HED Human Energy Design Readings by phone. Typically 1 hour.

As a Life Coach, Diane offers clients, students and others Private HED Human Energy Design Readings.  An Aquatic Session may be augmented with a HED Human Energy Design Reading if desired.  The HED is accessed through an individual’s personal birth chart which can be considered one’s energetic illustration of a road map for their life.  Along with the I Ching The Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth, the Hindu Chakra system, the ancient wisdom texts of the Jewish Kabbalah and the work the original founder of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu.  Diane references Jennie Marlow’s book Self Intelligence, a clear concise guide, to help us reveal truths about each persons unique design.

Through the use of these tools, the road map is explored …your unique human energy design is embraced along with the potential to how best navigate your personal journey in this lifetime with great ease, flow and joy.

To purchase Human Energy Design Readings call Diane: 805.569.7047 or email: dianefeingold@gmail.com

Diane is available to Travel to beautiful Waters, Resorts and Healing Centers Worldwide for Private Aquatic Therapy as well as offer WRT Water Release Therapy® ‘Provider’ Trainings (with the foundation of Basic Watsu® and New Basic Watsu®) for Spas, Resorts, Private Retreats and Healing Centers sharing the joys of WRT Water Release Therapy® as a Signature Aquatic Service Menu offering.  Organizers who wish to host Aquatic Therapy Sessions, Intensives and WRT Water Release Therapy® ‘Provider’ Trainings are welcome.

Diane offers Basic Watsu® and WRT Water Release Therapy® ‘Provider’ Trainings for those interested in learning the Aquatic Arts. 16, 20, 36 and 50 hour Aquatic Courses are available for CEU Credit.  WABA, WABR, WRTB and AMTA certifications available for those interested in becoming licensed Watsu® and WRT Water Release Therapy® ‘Providers’, Practitioners and Therapists. (150 hrs of Training with Requirements included is typical)

To learn more about these offerings, visit DianeFeingold.com or visit Diane’s Official On-line Purchase site: WaterReleaseTherapy.com

Email: dianefeingold@gmail.com or Phone : 805.569.7047 or main info site : dianefeingold.com or Store site : WaterReleaseTherapy.com

or Facebook Business Page : https://www.facebook.com/WaterReleaseTherapy or Facebook Timeline : https://www.facebook.com/DianeFeingold

As an authorized Therapist and Instructor of WRT Water Release Therapy®, Basic Watsu®, WaterDance, Yoga, Breath work or Pranayama…. however the perfect Session unfolds it is reflected in the Intuitive Deep Presence of listening or Sh’ma (in Hebrew this means Witness) to the needs, the breath, the heart and the circumstances of each client in each moment.

Diane is licensed through:

White Lotus Foundation
School of Shiatsu and Massage
WABA (Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association)
WABR (Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Registry)
WRTB (Water Release Therapy Board) Chairperson
AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) Certified to offer CEU (Continuing Education Units).
Native American Guides

Watsu® is a Registered Trademark of Harold Dull.
WRT Water Release Therapy® is a Registered Trademark of Diane Feingold.
Healing Dance is an Aquatic therapy developed by Inika Sati Spence & Alexander George.
WaterDance is an Aquatic immersion modality developed by Richard Bock and concur-rently “Wassertanzen” developed in Switzerland by Aman Schroter & Arjana Brunschwiler.
Presence of Being is a modality of ‘Being’ created by Richard Bock and Shantam Lantz.

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