Light and shade bring warm descent                                                                                        Salty water wakes innocence past                                                                                           I drift with your guidance, into the deep                                                                                     Fluid and free                                                                                                                             For how I trust thee

Choice recedes as I let flow                                                                                                      The nature of the bold                                                                                                               For in release, I find peace                                                                                                        You guide me there, then pull me in                                                                                          Warm and soft, water and flesh                                                                                                We sway together until I glow

Free of fear from plunge or depth                                                                                             Lifting to the life of air                                                                                                                 I take another breath                                                                                                                  Floating back, I greet your love                                                                                                  And find my own again                                                                                                              On the wings of a dove

Images of light, and orange                                                                                                       A vision of my face I see                                                                                                           Looking back at me                                                                                                                   Distant halo around my face                                                                                                     Vague yet clear                                                                                                                          It does appear…….

Thank you Diane!

Love, Amy Sheaffer

June 3, 2012


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